Be a Cam's Dough Maker!

We at Cam's Pizzeria are fanatics about helping members of our community. We understand the urge and need for funds at our local schools, churches, and non-profit organizations and we want to help! Planning a fundraiser with Cam’s is fun and easy.

Here are the 5 easy steps to start
planning your fundraising event:

1. You will start by coordinating with your local Cam's pizzeria to choose a date and time for your fundraiser.

2. Cam's will create and provide your group with a customized flyer. Your group will make copies of the flyer for distribution. The flyer will be your tool for promoting your fundraiser. It will also be Cam’s tool for tracking the sales generated at your event.

3. Your group will promote the fundraiser using posters, e-mails, flyers, phone calls, and word of mouth to invite friends, family, neighbors, and supporters to come to Cam’s during the scheduled time.

4. The event will simply consist of your supporters dining at Cam’s Pizzeria. Any purchase accompanied by your flyer will contribute to the amount donated back to your group. Therefore, the more people eating at Cam’s, the more return your group will see.

5. After the event, Cam’s will calculate the total volume of sales brought in at your fundraiser using the flyers collected. Your group will receive 15% if your organization’s sales totals are less than $1000 or 20% if the sales totals are greater than $1000 of their check (excluding tax, tips, and gift cards). Cam’s will mail your group the check within 21 days after the fundraising event.

Remember, the more people you tell,
the more your organization will make!

The form below may be used to contact Cam directly to discuss your planned fundraising opportunity.
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